The 2020 Dating Dictionary Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Dating is more nuanced than it has ever been before. Right from changes in the dating trends to new terminology associated with dating, there is so much going on in the dating world. So, for starters, you probably know what orbiting or ghosting means, right? But according to the dating app Plenty of Fish, the millennials have invented some other love-words that you probably need to know to survive through your dating life. Well, you probably don’t know what eclipsing or being glamboozled means, but worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some dating lingos you need to update yourself with-


White Clawing

Well, the origin of this term comes from a brand of seltzer – White Claw, which doesn’t really get you drunk, but has enough alcohol to get you a little high. Drawing the comparison to your dating life, when you are dating a hot person, but you find them really boring, my friend, you are white clawing! You’re just here to be intoxicated by their gorgeousness, but not to fall hard in love.




Imagine you’re getting all glammed up for your date, which is about to arrive any minute to pick you up. While doing some final touches, you get a text from your date. You get all excited, maybe they are at your door, or maybe it’s just a lovely message from them. But actually, they texted you to cancel the date! Well, that’s a bummer and you’ve just been glamboozled. But not to worry, there are around more than half of singles around the world who have been glamboozled.




When you meet a person you like, you exchange numbers with each other. The real test comes after you’ve exchanged numbers. If the person you’re calling to set up a date with them has repeatedly ignored your calls, you have been officially dial-toned. Well, it’s actually better than receiving the wrong number!




Imagine that you’re all dolled up for a date. Your partner arrives and doesn’t leave you glamboozled. But all through the date, you hear stories about your date, their experiences, their adventures, while they ask nothing about you, your interests and your adventures. All your date does is talk about themselves, just like Kanye. When you’re on a date with a narcissist or a self-obsessed person, you’ve been Kanye’d.




When you are going through the day, searching for love, and your ex pings you up. You get excited and think that maybe your ex deserves another chance. You open up their text and just see them asking you to sign a petition to clean up the beach or to donate to charity! Well, it’s not really an offense to ask someone to donate, but you can’t just text your ex out of the blue for the same. Never cause-play your ex and get their hopes up.


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