Insane Celebrity Weight Transformations!

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin had gained some weight over the years, as most people do, but recently slimmed down by giving up sugar and working out. This simple shift in diet and exercise attributed to a drop in over thirty pounds for the actor, returning him to the attractive body that the actor sported previously in his role on Prelude to a Kiss (1992). Gaining so much weight from sugar came as a surprise to the otherwise healthy actor, who warns about the dangers of consuming too much of it in a daily diet.

Holly Madison

As the former “Girls Next Door” and “Peep Show” star, maintaining a shapely and fit figure is second nature. This leading lady, like the rest of us, did find herself in a place where she wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. Holly got results by giving up junk foods, and by adding Pilates and Yoga to her fitness regimen. This beauty is back in shape and ready to “wow” her fans again!

John Goodman

In 2007, John Goodman’s weight had skyrocketed to almost 370 pounds. Best known as Dan Conner on the hit sitcom “Roseanne”, John enjoyed much success in his career. On the personal front, his weight had become a problem- he admitted having trouble even looking at himself in the mirror while shaving. He was so disgusted with his body that he removed sugar from his diet and started working out six day a week. The results were amazing. His 100 pound weight loss and increased self-esteem will help him with his career success.

Drew Carey

Well done to “The Price is Right” host who completely transformed himself by losing an astounding 100 pounds! He talked openly about how he was eating poorly, drinking alcohol was even diabetic while he was hosting “the Drew Carey” Show. In 2016, he told Success magazine about the changes he made to his lifestyle.  Drew does not do as much comedy anymore, and is not as active as he was, but he is still keeping fit, and looks great!

Tami Roman

When Tammy decided it was time to quit smoking, she was pleased with her decision, but not so pleased with the weight gain that came with it. It was when her weight reached 185 pounds that she realized that something had to be done. Tami changed her lifestyle, started taking weight loss supplements and doing yoga regularly. The results were amazing and Tammy was able to lose 40 pounds the healthy way.

Seth Rogen

Rogen, and his buddy Jonah Hill made a decision to lose weight together and Rogen has done a great job of keeping the weight off. He started eating healthier and exercising to prepare for his role as “Green Hovet”. In just 70 days, he lost 30 pounds. The secret to his success was eating nutrition packed foods, including fruits and vegetables. Another thing he was careful about was consuming foods that were high on the glycemic index, in other words, no sugary foods!

Michael Moore

Moore is known for his passionate, opinionated approach to filmmaking. He was also quite obviously overweight and decided to do something about. Michael apparently checked himself into a weight loss spa in Florida twice, once in 2007 and 2010, to help him achieve his weight loss goals.  Moore was able to lose close to 70 pounds simply by eliminating white flour, sugar, and salt. He also added 30-40 minutes of walking to his workout schedule every day.

Zach Galifianakis

What a change it must be to go from being used for laughs, typecast as a “fat guy” to suddenly being unrecognizable, and 50 pound lighter. Galifianakis made a decision that his health was more important than getting roles that revolved around his heavy body. He lost most of the weight thanks to cutting out alcohol from his diet. Most of his fans were surprised at the stars new trimmer appearance and could not believe the transformation!

Queen Latifah

The actress who had roots as a rapper decided that it was time to take care of herself and lose some weight. Even though everyone is not born with a petite, or “Barbie” body type, losing the extra fat always makes people look and feel better, even if they are big-boned. During an interview Queen Latifah shared that she let her weight pile on because she hated her body, and criticizing herself. When the actress was 18, she remembers telling herself that she would either love herself, or hate herself. Thankfully, she chose to love herself, and she looks great now!

Jordin Sparks

Sparks lost weight without focusing so much on the scales, but by paying attention what she ate and through exercise. She lost 15 pounds in the first few months and went on to lose a total of 50 pounds! Jordin’s healthier lifestyle included a diet that was low in calories and one that did not include many sugary foods. With the help of a personal trainer and some regular, light exercise, Sparks has completely transformed her herself!

Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne had a pretty tough start with the spotlight on her at a young age. With her weight problems being in the public eye thanks to her family’s reality show, she had to work harder to keep the weight off. Since the reality show ended, she has been able to get her weight down and, keep it off. Kelly did not want to diet by eating “diet foods”. Instead she reduced sweet drinks with water, started eating a healthy breakfast and only snacked in the evening. Kelly found a great way to get into shape and inspire her fans who are also struggling with weight issues.

Jonah Hill

Like his pal Rogen, Jonah Hill, decided to drop some pounds. He’s been more successful than Rogen in keeping them off, too. Jonah was very insecure about his weight after his rise to stardom with “21 Jump Street”. His weight fluctuated a lot over the years and finally he has found a more stable weight thanks to following a Japanese diet and changing his mind-set. In 2013, he commented that getting into shape was a sign of becoming mature.

Adam Richman

When Adam Richman retired from his show “Man Versus Food” in 2012, he decided to make a complete change to his diet and lifestyle. The “foodie” made a shocking change to his diet and became a vegan, removing all animal products from his diet. Richman also added an exercise regimen and the results were astounding. Adam surprised his fans by losing close to 75 pounds and has transformed himself completely!

Ronnie Magro Ortiz

During his time on the MTV show, Jersey Shore, Ronnie Magro started gaining weight and it was not long before he decided that something had to be done about it. He used to work in the real estate industry before becoming part of reality TV in 2009.  He was known as the “big guy” and eventually it came out that the weight gain was the result of a problem that he was dealing with, kidney stones. He began working out regularly and has since lost weight, and is feeling healthier than ever.

Tom Arnold

What a transformation! The star from the sitcom, “Roseanne”, saw his fame rise to the top with this successful TV show. Unfortunately, his weight also skyrocketed and Arnold had to make some changes to lose the weight. Since he had a very busy schedule, he was not able to have a typical workout program. He focused instead on having access to cardio equipment at all time and his workouts resulted in a 100 pound weight loss! Arnold looks much healthier and the major change in his appearance has helped him look and feel greater than ever.

Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell has always suffered from being on the heavier side. After many years of being criticised for her weight, she decided to make some changes and lose some weight. This was a good plan. After changing her diet and exercising, Rosie looks years younger and she feels great. Her transformation was amazing. Despite this weight reduction and new image, there still seems to be some criticism about her weight. The public is not always kind, but Rosie has done well and should not let the opinions of others dampen her style!


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