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The Statue of Liberty is a famous monument of New York City. Millions, perhaps billions of photographs have been taken of the statue. Very few people have seen the photograph taken in 1884 Paris of the Statue of Liberty under construction though. All that can be see is the side of her hand and arm as men are working directly on the statue or are working at wooden tables just to the side of her. The photo is likely not seen since everyone wanted to take a photo of the after result and not the before.

In a bizarre photograph the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was photographed standing in front of the gate that surrounds the White House. The photo was taken in the early 1980s. He is standing by his young son who is dressed casually in a t-shirt and black pants, while Escobar has on a white dress shirt, black pants and a watch on his wrist while he rests a hand on his son’s shoulder. It looks like they were taking a trip as any tourist would if they made a stop by the White House, so it may not be seen often because it is just a family photo while on a vacation.

hile we believe that neurology has gotten advanced in the 21st century and all these technological inventions are made only recently, we need to know that it has been a long process that has been ongoing for a couple of centuries. We are sure that nobody told you about the fact that Neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne electrocuted a man’s face in the year 1862 so that he could read facial features. That must have been painful but it was just the beginning of the evolution in neurology, and it surely looked brutal too, but that work contributed to the modern understanding of neurology.

Test pilot George Aird narrowly escaped death by ejecting sideways from a prototype jet that nosedived (1962). Aird fell through a greenhouse on his way down, breaking both legs but ultimately surviving. The photographer, Jim Meads, had planned on taking a picture of the aircraft as it safely landed at an airfield in England. But thanks to good planning and quick wits he managed to snap this remarkable photo instead. We assure you that things that you are learning here do not exist in your history books so keep reading to find out more.

You might have the impression that the poison gas is the invention of the modern times and it is only recently that its use has begun, but the fact is that it is being used since the very first world war. Now, have a look at the photograph below! You might be wondering that what is the man even doing and so let us tell you that the guy fits the gas mask to the mule probably because he didn’t want the mule to die since that mule must have been a mode of transportation. Starting in World War I and continuing through many conflicts since poison gas has been used extensively in war time.

A photo taken in the 1990s in Afghanistan reveals that before the Taliban took over women were far more modern.  One is dressed in a modern professional looking dress that falls to about knee length and the other has on a modern striped sweater and a knee length skirt. Before the Taliban seized control women were allowed to dress how they wanted, travel how they wanted and were able to attend school and have careers. It’s not seen by many likely because the Taliban does not want any women in the country to see it and attempt to revert back to that style and dress, education and jobs.

In 1912 the Titanic sank, an event that was later dramatized by the movie Titanic starring Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio. There are many photographs of the crew, the interior of the Titanic, but there are very few photographs of people actually having a good time on the Titanic because all photographs sank to the bottom of the ocean. There is one little known photograph of survivors of the Titanic getting onto the Carpathia by life boat. This photo is not seen much because honestly a lot of people are disturbed by the lack of life boats that were on the Titanic and that most of the survivors were the rich passengers of the boat, while majority of the poorer people were locked in the lower levels of the boat to drown with absolutely no chance of getting to a lifeboat.

The Mona Lisa’s return photo after World War II is a strange photo to say the least. The painting was wrapped up carefully and boxed up to be sent back to the Louvre museum.

Before you start thinking that somebody killed all these people in the train let us tell you that there is nothing like that! The truth is that the Japanese “salaryman” has long been known for putting in exhaustingly long days. This photo shows a Tokyo commuter train early in the morning. And all the people who were traveling were sleeping and not dead. They were sleeping because they don’t get to have a proper sleep and while they used to be traveling, they utilized the time.

Most of us have watched a dozen movies by Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and before those movies started, a lion appeared. Watching that lion roaring was a part of the routine whenever we watched any movie by the company. And you might not know, but the first filming of the now world famous MGM opening credits occurred in 1928. The way the lion is so peacefully posing in the photograph below, we wonder that how did they make it the lion so and isn’t that man afraid? I mean, he has a lion in front of him, and it is certainly dangerous.

The other co-conspirator of the Lincoln assassination was Lewis Payne, a confederate soldier. The same night Lincoln was killed, Lewis Payne went with a knife to attack Secretary of State William H. Seward. This rare photo of Lewis Payne shows him sitting in Federal custody before his execution.

There was a time when there was no digital technology, and so the movie makers couldn’t easily give the digital effects to their movies that they wanted. But they had to so, what you see in the photograph below is how they used to make things work. It is one of the Indiana Jones movies set, and we still don’t understand that how did they make everything work so smoothly. All we can say is that they were brilliant people! We hope that you liked the article so don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around you!

After World War II Allied solders stood on Hitler’s balcony and made fun of him by holding a finger over their lips as a fake mustache and held their hand up in the air as a mock of the Nazi salute while soldiers below are laughing. The photo is probably not shown much since most people were not in good spirits after WWII since it was a devastating time. It is a funny photograph to see now though.

Two mannequins that were used in the atomic bomb tests that were done in Nevada in the 1950s were photographed. The photo is eerie as both mannequins look human like.

During the evacuation of Saigon in 1975, an American man punched a south Vietnamese man so he could secure a place on one of the last helicopters to leave. It shows the low side to being so concerned about self preservation that you have to hurt others to get it.

The Beatles took a lot of photographs for their Abbey Road photo shoot. One photo they took is of them walking in the opposite direction than what they used for the final photo of their Abbey Road album cover.

During World War II Queen Elizabeth served her country. She served as a mechanic as is pictured in this rare photograph of her in uniform leaning against a military vehicle.


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