Final Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Using photos to tell stories can be coined into one word known as photojournalism. This aspect plays a vital role in disseminating information. As opposed to written words photos have also been noted to have the capability of arousing emotions. Photography is a significant method to make news appeal to a reader.

Pavel Kashin, the victim who had branded himself as “Russia’s daredevil guru” plunged from the 60-story building to meet his death. A viral video of the incident shared racked up a viral share all over the Russian media. Police reports indicate that he landed on a terrace and succumbed to the injuries.

The much popularized NASA space shuttle Challenger exploded immediately after liftoff. This came as quite a shocker to the entire world, with all the seven astronauts on board. Despite this incidence, the space shuttle program was successful in completing 24 missions. Their pilot project was a liftoff to the orbiter Colombia which was a success.

From various witness accounts recorded the Jet Ski stunt took a hit from the Niagara Falls wave in a long-planned daredevil stunt. When the tide hits you, it’s more or less like the being heat by a cement slab on of the officers explained. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Niagara hospital. Dr. Azim, the head pathologist at the facility, said an autopsy would be conducted today.

Walker was popularly known as Brian O’ Conner as his stage name in the popular movie series “Fast and The Furious” met his death on November 30, 2013. The accident happened after a Porsche he was riding in, crashed. Unfortunately, the timing was a few days after filming the seventh series of this sequel. Paul Walker’s daughter was looking to have the Porsche Company probed as she reported numerous faults in the car’s performance.

There has been a lot of unconfirmed reports from various sources. While some of the witness accounts recorded claimed he was trying to get a closer look at the tiger, the zoo authorities in their defense claimed the man jumped in despite numerous warnings. After a conclusive analysis, the New Delhi police have registered his death as negligence.

A source from the Japan airlines indicated that all the 520 passengers on board including the crew were all feared dead. This incident was after the Boeing 747 crashed into the mountainous terrain along North West of Tokyo. The flight 120 that was en route Osaka from Tokyo skewed off hundreds of miles away before it came down.

Officer Green was checking Wallace into the metro jail on counts of robbery and arson before Wallace grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed him. He then used Mr. Green’s patrol car to flee the scene. The officers then trailed him and rounded him up before killing him in a fierce exchange of fire.

This occurrence was the first fatal crash ever recorded by the Concorde in its 24 years of offering exemplary passenger service. This event was projected to be one of the reasons that called for the Concorde operations in 2003. The plane was registered as an Air France Concorde F- BTSC that was en route New York city from Paris.

Karl Wallenda who was among the founders of the “The Flying Wallendas” was an established “sky walking ’’artist being among some of the unfortunates that have ended their lives with such daredevil stunts. His final skywalk was at the age of 73 an event that was caught on camera by various media stations in Puerto Rico.

The three-time world formula one champion, Ayrton Senna, met his death on 1st may 1994. This happened after his car crash against a concrete wall at the San Marino grand prix in Italy at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari track in Italy. Senna had been pitted among the favorites to bag this grand prix.

In 1997 Christopher Wallace better known as “Biggie Smalls” traveled to promote his studio album life after a radio interview on KYLD San Francisco, he stated that he has feared for his life. This was not just because of the ongoing feud between the west and the east coast and also the murder of a renowned rapper Tupac Shakur. He also said that his status as a high profile rapper was among the factors he feared for.

Robin Williams, the great actor, seemed to have taken his life using asphyxiation. The victim was found unconscious at his residence where he was shortly pronounced dead later. Williams last moments were shared with his wife on Sunday coroner officials said. Williams appeared in numerous film and television roles and a long career as a stand-up comedian.

During its attempt to dock the Hindenburg caught fire and got destroyed at a naval air station in Manchester. At the time of occurrence, there were 97 people on board that resulted in 35 worker who was assigned duty at the station also succumbed. This event was a spectacle that received a lot of media attention.

Along with two of the school janitors, their combined efforts managed to get more than 100 students out of the cafeteria to safety. He saved quite many lives on this fateful day. The gunmen arrived when the cafeteria was nearly empty. While trying to get more students from the hidden in the classrooms was when he got hit and bled to death.

He was the force behind the famed group the Beatles. This was a band that blew up the music scene as no other band had done before. John Lennon’s murder continues to have a profound impact on the music culture. Despite his demise, his record sales soared as millions around the world continued to mourn his untimely death. He can be seen here signing autographs. Just after few minutes, he was killed by Mark David Chapman, the man in the background here.

The Oklahoma City bombing is by far the most destructive act perpetrated against fellow Americans by an American. The authorities were amazed at how Timothy Mc Veigh and his aide learned how to prepare explosives from fertilizers that had such power. Feds have started carrying out investigations in this heinous act in which 168 people were killed.

Over 3000 people were killed during the 9/11 attack. The results triggered major initiatives to combat acts of terrorism. Osama bin Laden’s network had been linked as the mastermind who propagated this monstrous attack. The US government after that pledged to work tirelessly to bring these culprits to book as this act had now become the U.S security concern.

A single bolt on the glider wing had failed which caused it to veer off and sent the glider down estimated at 2000 plunged onto the Phelps an occurrence that stunned the onlookers on site. This was probably one of the most traumatic events ever to hit the city. Ten people lost their lives on this fateful day.

Mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine are believed to be the first individuals to hit the summit of Mount Everest. Their disappearance has given rise to a lot of unanswered questions as to the credibility of the sources claiming they reached the mountain’s summit. Despite Mallory’s body being found at the peak this still doesn’t provide compelling evidence as to whether they reached the peak of the mountain.


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